Updates to CivilPro Desktop!

Your CivilPro  desktop app is about to get a major update. Part of this update is a change in the entire framework in which the application runs (because Microsoft has changed how .Net works) which means there is a bit more to it than usual. Hopefully other than a bigger download, we can hide that from you and everything will 'Just Work'. When you open CivilPro  on Tuesday morning (25/4) you will be prompted that CivilPro will try and uninstall itself, and then re-install the new version. In most cases, just follow the prompts and everything is done. Easy! Here is a 1 minute video showing what that will look like.



Because all systems are different, it is possible that something might go pear shaped. In which case, just ensure the app is uninstalled, and reinstall from:  https://download.civilpro.com/cd/download.html. There is a video and text instructions below.

Please contact us immediately if you have any issues and remember you can always use the Cloud App while we work through any issues.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The CivilPro team





You can ignore this part unless the automated update encounters a problem!

Video Instructions (<1 minute)



Text Instructions

1. Check Civil Pro uninstalled - In your computer's windows menu, choose Add or Remove programs. See if there is an entry for Civil Pro v11 - personally we use the search box and just enter 'Civil'. Select the 'Uninstall' option and confirm.

2. Navigate to  https://download.civilpro.com/cd/download.html and click the 'launch' shortcut.

3. Go have a coffee (the installer can take a while for a complete reinstall)

4. Civil Pro should be available as usual.